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Interview: SanDnB Crew in San Diego, CA!

Updated: 5 days ago

Interview: San DnB Crew in San Diego, CA! (Formaley known as Contact)

Contact DnB Logo

I had the privilege to chat with the San DnB Crew out of San Diego, CA at the SD Union Day Dream Party Feat. London Elektricity, Makoto and Degs on March 23rd.

San DnB has been throwing a $5 weekly show at Camel's Bar & Grill in San Diego for over 2yrs now. They also have a free monthly beach party that gets down AF from what I have been told!

Contact DnB April showcase

This crew is made up of not only some 90s veterans but some newer talent as well! I had the pleasure of hanging out with this crew after the show and they are all super stand up folks! No drama, no BS, just good people having a good time dropping Drum and Bass on their city and friends! I look forward to coming back to San Diego and kickin it with the San DnB Crew again!

Enjoy the Interview and learning a bit about the San DnB Crew (Formaley know as Contact)


El Conquistador

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