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Midweek Masters Seires Mix #005 ***DJ Oneduz***

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In 1997, Oneduz embarked on his journey collecting records and crafting his own mixed tapes to master the art of vinyl mixing. Over the years, Oneduz honed his skills as a DJ, performing gigs in the New York Tri-state area for SmooveGroove Productions, Stress Factor Productions, and various other affiliates. Starting in 2003, Oneduz began hosting pirate internet radio shows weekly alongside DJ-B12 on the famous StressFactor Saturday broadcast, further expanding his reach across the globe.

In January 2023, Oneduz and his long time friend from Long Island, New York, Syntax Era aka Phree Nugz, came together to form 'The Global DNB Collective' (GDNBC). With 2 bold releases thus far, Oneduz represents GDNBC strong with multiple tracks in each release. This mix is full of GDNBC music from both 001 and 002 and absolutely shakes!

Visit for more information about Oneduz and The Global DNB Collective. Enjoy the mix!!


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