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ALien Gonzales AKA Vin Mercy

DJ | Promoter | Producer


  • Drum and Bass

  • HipHop

  • Ghetto House

  • Trip Hop

  • Downtempo

  • Techno


  • Drum and Bass Proper

Latest Mix:

Bio - ALien Gonzales AKA Vin Mercy

Alien Gonzales

He is the great grandson of Bee Walker, who successfully wrote countless songs with Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.  She was a pioneer in songwriting, sheet music and the creation of original pianola piano rolls. 
As the unworldly, proverbial crazy uncle of the EUPHORIX PROFUNK, he gained mighty footholds on the popular cultures of Jungle/Drum and Bass, HipHop, Ghetto House, Experimental, Trip hop, Downtempo and Techno hybrids.

Since 1995, he has made a variety of waves, most notably deejaying on the U.S. and Mexico circuits, emceeing with Reality Mob, tagging on alleyways and trains in Santa Fe, designing fashion, ghostwriting, promoting vocal instrumentalist and beatbox culture, foley artistry, authoring radio voiceovers and sample loop and drum kit packs for producers, touring with Self Reliance, and his latest outbreak of memesmithing.

In fashion, he has partnered with Uncommon Being, ESDJCO, Tribal Street Gear, Dead Ink Apparel and Crowns & Crossbones. 
On the Street, it's #euphorixprofunk #templeofhiphop #hiphopnation #churchofdrumandbass #junglistsunite #aliengmemes

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