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Founded in the US in 2015!
Join the Drum and Bass Movement with Drum and Bass Proper!
Our crew boasts a diverse lineup of 18 DJs and 4 MCs, each bringing their unique spin on the genre. You can catch them weekly with our Proper Mondays Series.
Tune in for our Featured Friday Series, where we showcase DJs from every corner of the globe.

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DnBP is headed to Vegas!

That's right, next stop on the US-DnB Showcase list is Las Vegas! We not only are going to be showcasing LV-DnB with the likes of Konkrete Jungle LV and Bushido Brown & Red as well as other locals, and a couple special guests part of the World of DnB Tour and more!  See you soon Las Vegas!

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From Jungle to Neurofunk, Proper Mondays has it all. Our 12 resident DJs create fresh and exciting mixes every week for Proper Mondays.

With over 265 mixes to choose from, you'll never run out of options. Join the Drum and Bass Movement and discover your new favorite mix today!!

Est April 2021

Founded by DJ S2PS UKG Proper aims to bring you the best UKG/Garage DJs from the US and abroad!

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Est November 2022

Founded by Just Jake Breakbeat Proper aims to bring you the best Breaks DJs from the US and abroad!

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Drum and Bass Proper is home to a team of talented and passionate DJs and MCs with years of experience.

Each member brings their unique style and energy to the table, making for an unforgettable DnB mix experience.

Check out our team page to learn more about each member.

For bookings of Drum and Bass Proper DJs, please click here

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