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Critical Control Point - C.C.P
Founder and Co-Owner of
Drum and Bass Proper .com

DJ | Promoter


  • Drum and Bass


  • Boomslang Recordings

  • Drum and Bass Proper

Latest Mix:

Bio - Critical Control Point (C.C.P)

Critical Control Point (CCP) is the Founder nad co-owner of Drum and Bass Proper! He is Milwaukee Wisconsin based and has been DJing for a decade focusing on his one true love in electronic music; Drum and Bass. A veteran to the rave scene since the late 90's he started playing music out of a true love and passion for the D&B culture.


On top of being the founder CCP is also the Boomslang Recordings and Venom Shroud marketing team director helping to push new and current content with this fresh new brand of drum and bass producers and DJs. He also is a member of the Best Drum and Bass team helping push daily featured mixes. 

When he's not elbows deep in the kitchen cooking up a storm you can

catch this Milwaukee based DJ throwing down his favorite Broken Beats and

always having fun doing so.

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