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Bio - Evasive

Lakota/Dakota Native American DJ has graced the stages of events in Denver, Las Vegas,
Portland, Utah, and Houston for nearly two decades. He’s even visited Miami to play Future
Sound Of Breaks during the 2013 and 2014 editions of Winter Music Conference.
Evasive is a successor of, and is influenced by DJs Decibel, Roman, Sevamatic, and the
late Konrad: the infamous Colorado breakbeat crew known as The Breakbeat Mafia. Then a
young up-and-comer, he had only been pursuing DJing for six months before he was
blessed with his first major billing at at the Mishawaka Amphitheater outside Fort Collins,
It wasn’t long after that Evasive was picked up by Colorado-based production companies
such as Clockwork, Sounds Of Bass, Lyrical Bliss Ent., and One Productions. By
2008-2009, he had become one of the state's top-rated drum and bass DJ's. Since then, his
journey has seen him win DJ contests/battles, devastate dancefloors, and slaying massive
crowds with the most powerful stage presence you'll ever experience.
Today, Evasive is a favorite in Colorado's urban electronic music culture. He’s a performer
and definite crowd pleaser who will elevate your mind and keep your body moving. His fat,
eccentric blends include epic, in-your-face, heavy-hitting genres like drum and bass,
footwork, juke and breakbeats. Add that little taste of turntablism and hip-hop flavor not to
be underestimated, and it’s no mystery why Evasive is a staple of the underground scene.

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