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DJ | Promoter


  • Drum and Bass

  • House

  • HipHop


  • Recon


  • Sounds of Bass

  • The American Jungle

  • 40HZ of Sound

  • Altitude Sickness

  • Drum and Bass Proper

Latest Mix:

Bio - GHoST

For two decades, GHoST has been an indomitable force in Colorado's vibrant Drum and Bass scene.  With an unwavering passion, he embodies the very essence of DnB in his soul and Jungle in his bones! The year 1999 marked the genesis of his love affair with Jungle/Drum and Bass at The Snake Pit in Denver, where every Tuesday, the beats of Fury, Ecco, Cannon and MC Dino fuled his musical spirit.

With over 25 years in his illustrious career steeped in dedication and an unyielding commitment tot he craft, GHoST contiunes to command stages across the United States, leaving an indelible mark on our Nations DnB landscape!

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