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Pac D

DJ | Promoter | Writer | Producer


  • Drum and Bass

  • UKG

  • Breakbeats

  • House (all flavors)



  • Fraktured Phoenix

  • Downside Up

  • Audio Entropy

  • Dialect Audio

  • Drum and Bass Proper

Latest Mix:

Bio - Pac D

Pac D has been a long time driving force in the soulful Drum'nBass realm of the Arizona music scene. He cut his teeth on the jump up styles of the late 90’s, and moved into the harder roller sound in 2000. After being more active in the studio, a few releases and remixes have opened up his format.  From garage to drum and bass and everything in between can be found in his collection.  His releases can be found on downside up, Audio Entropy, and Dialect Audio

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