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Suspense Scene

DJ | Writer | Producer


  • Drum and Bass

  • Bass House

  • Electro House

  • Midtempo

  • Dubstep


  • Drum and Bass Proper

  • San DnB

  • Camp OG

  • Elation Moment

  • Mayham Events

Latest Mix:

Bio - Suspense Scene

Although I have been apart of the electronic music scene ever since the old secret warehouse party days, I am fairly new to Producing and DJing. I started producing in 2020, I guess you can say it was my Covid hobby. Bass house producer Ben Dorman aka Bijou is my mentor as well as Colorado’s Michael Stryer. I started producing house music, but my love of drum and bass, and bass music started to be my focus. I am a multi genre producer/DJ making styles such as neurifunk and Jump up DnB, bass house, and dark gritty midtempo. I chose the name SUSPENSE SCENE because just like that feeling of anticipation and nerves that happens when something exciting or scary happens, that’s the vibe my music brings. You never know what I’m going to throw down, but drum and bass is my passion so that will always be apart of my sets. I am a native to Denver, but currently reside in San Diego. I can’t wait to take you all on a musical journey from the darker side of things. 

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