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Tally G

DJ | Promoter | Writer


  • Drum and Bass


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  • Proper Chicago

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Bio - Tally G

Tally G, originally hailing from El Paso but now based in San Diego, has
carved out an impressive two-decade long career behind the decks
specializing in drum and bass. Her journey began in the deserts of New
Mexico, cutting her teeth on the darker realms of progressive house and
breakbeat, suggesting an early gravitation towards bass-driven, complex
electronic sounds.
Over time, she has developed diversity as a DNB DJ, seamlessly
transitioning between subgenres with creative blending techniques. Sets
appear carefully crafted as musical stories, merging tracks smoothly
through long transitions as well as snap mixes, keeping bodies engaged
through strategic double drops. This indicates considerable technical
prowess as well as intimate genre knowledge to entertain crowds through
constantly shifting textures.
Tally G has clearly gained respect within the scene, holding prestigious
multi-city residencies covering organizations dedicated to underground
drum and bass. She was also instrumental in founding a now defunct El
Paso drum and bass collective, demonstrating early commitment to
community outreach. Further respect is indicated by her role on the
board of a major New York event brand.
Beyond performing, Tally G is now studying music production, suggesting
aims to expand her impact by moving behind the boards. This highlights
an evolution that is not uncommon but will broaden her skills and deepen
artistic control over her musical offerings.
In summary, Tally G seems a seasoned veteran at the top of her game who
continues progressing, no doubt providing electrifying live experiences
through dynamic eclecticism and technical wizardry behind the decks.
Her profile paints a portrait of one fully devoted to her drum and bass

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