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DEGS returns to the US with The Outlaw Tour!

Degs's: The Outlaw Tour schedule

DEGS is gracing our shores again after a quick run over the border to the beaches of Tulum Mexico for LOCUS!

For those that have not been exposed to Degs let me tell you, you're missing out! This multi-skilled talent is nothing to mess around with. Our Kenyan friend here produces, is a vocalist, and DJs! His live shows consist of him not only spinning dope records for us, but he goes for the mic and flexing those vocal cords for you LIVE! This adds a WHOLE different element to seeing him live that you do not want to miss!

As an example, this mix is made up of ALL US producers, and it's soulful, up-tempo jazziness that these tracks are and then he does what he does best on it and brings his unique style to it! It's a great mix!

When he sent the mix to us, this is what Degs had to say about it...

I'm very happy to collaborate with some talented North American artists on The Outlaw Tour Mix! Invited people from across the pond to send me their tunes for a mix and the standard has been amazing, it was a pleasure to put together

This Outlaw Tour has him heavy on the West Coast this time going from up top in Seattle with loads of stops down to San Diego and out to Vegas before he starts making his way out east to NYC and Orlando. Along that West Coast route, there is a FREE SHOW in San Francisco for those in the Bay Area!

Here are all the links you need for Deg's The Outlaw Tour!


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