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DnB TRACK REVIEW: Arkala Dre - Take Three EP on The Mob Recordings

Updated: Jan 10

So I was just digging into some tunes that I normally wouldn't play and stumbled upon Arkala Dre's latest release on The Mob Recordings; Take Three EP (Released December 29th, 2023) and I thought I would review this DnB tune!

I have never heard of homie here, I'll be honest, but I dig the sounds!

So the first track in this three (3) track release is called Take 3 feat. R3IDY. We start a bit atmospheric with a nice melodic bass intro that comes into this konkrete feeling beat into the drop-off and build-up of the drop. It goes into this smooth roller-ish deep melodic bass that just flows and keeps on building. I like how they break the drums down and back up. Very smooth track!

Next up is OneNinetyTwo and this one rolls right into it! He gives you more than enough bars to mix this in. This is a great layer track, the crack of the snare is good and the track just grooves along nicely. The bass sounds like it would shake on a proper system. Has some nice samples in there to give the set a dark feel to it.

Arkala Dre in the mix
Arkala Dre

Let This Ride feat. Teej is the final track of Take Three EP from Arkala Dre and The Mob Recordings! Starts with some vocals that are not prominent so good for mixing. This bassline is deep, low, and heavy. I have a studio sub and the sub wants to but it can't get as low as this track wants you to go! So this one on a proper system will jolt the insides I think. The drums' rhythm adds to what this bassline is doing!

Cover art for Take Three EP
Take Three EP by Arkala Dre on The Mob Recordings

I enjoyed this EP and I will be testing out some of these tracks on a big system. It seems like a good idea to this DJ! What are your thoughts on this DnB Track Review?


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