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Interview: A sit down with MAKOTO in Denver!

This Interview: A sit down with MAKOTO in Denver, was awesome! It was such a treat to get to show Makoto around Denver and then sit and do this interview with a true legend of the game.

We talked about one of his latest releases, Soul Samba Remix! It's such a groovy track that I used it for the music on the video! We talked about the scene here in the US and Japan! We talked LOCUS in Tulum and learned about not drinking the water in Mexico, chatted about Festival Season and so much more!

I was taken aside by the fact that almost all the tracks he collabs on were done via email! I'm not going to lie, I thought at his level the artists would get to be in the studio together! Call me naive I guess! I was thinking about the creative aspect and bouncing ideas off one another in the moment...but I guess I was overthinking it! We learn something new every day!

I was a bit nervous, I'm not kidding you, and I misspoke a few times; Marky has Innerground, not Innerscope, and it's Bandcamp, not Beatcamp and in '98 it was his 1st single not Album!

Overall this man is so humble and so chill and just a pleasure to be around! He is highly intelligent, did you know he enjoys Investing?! His knowledge of Crypto is impressive! Like many of us Junglists, he is a man of simple needs, a bowl of good soup and fried rice puts a smile on his face!

I hope everyone enjoys Interview: A sit down with MAKOTO in Denver! as much as I did and don't forget to go see him live if in your city on his US Tour!!

Makoto US Tour Dates 2024


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