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Wrapping up what always feels like the longest month of the year January at the very least delivered some absolutely fire drum and bass and I’m checking in with my top 5 picks to shake up your playlists!

Despersion “Despoir” [SLK Records]

The perfect blend of sweet and savage “Despoir” from Despersion dominates the mix!

“Listen Up” to the powerful sounds of Sindicate’s latest, the production on this one is tremendous!

I’ve been hooked on this one since the first play, MV’s “Zara” is edgy in every way!

SST “Hear The Message” [Boomslang Recordings]

SST’s latest LP  held the #1 spot for a solid week and the title track “Hear The Message” is one every Junglist needs!

Involver brings a beastly blend of high energy funk and low end madness with “Just Groove”, guaranteed to fill dance floors FAST!

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