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Show Review:...and THAT is why he is called The MIGHTY MAKOTO!

Makoto US Tour Dates

Guys, Makoto did his Denver stop last night...and THAT is why he is called THE MIGHTY MAKOTO! Holy crap! I was blown away by his set last night! If you have not heard this man play live you are missing out!

Not only did he drop his signature groovy sexy Liquid DNB he is known for but the BANGERS this man has and dropped on us kept getting nothing but positive crowd reactions! His mixture of Liquid, DnB, Jungle, and classics with new magic is brilliant and you have to hear him live!

Makoto in the mix

He played for 1.5hrs and even on hour sets I'm guilty of stepping away for a joint or checking out the other room for example...His set grabbed me from start to finish and I did not leave that room for the whole thing!! I also noticed many that do the same as me and step away, DID NOT!

Makoto in the groove

If you are in any of the cities left on the US tour (Boston, Cleveland, NYC, LA (Respect), Portland, San Diego, or the free show in San Francisco) you need to get tickets NOW and go. If you are one of those who is all "Oh it's liquid, you know"...NO! I promise you will be so pleasantly surprised at how Makoto makes you groove!! You know how folks say a DJ should take you on a journey?! The Mighty Makoto does exactly that, it's a trip you want to go on!

Just so groovy and funky and sexy DnB and when Makoto drops a banger on you I promise it will get a reaction!! I hope this Makoto show review makes you go in your city!


El Conquistador

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