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Show Review: RESPECT in Los Angles, CA feat. Makoto, Degs, and Machete

Show Review: RESPECT in Los Angles, CA feat. Makoto, Degs, and Machete

Respect DnB LA

This was my first Respect, it will not be my last! Everything that is said about this weekly in LA is true! The vibe that you get the moment you step foot into this Hollywood venue is fantastic! The vibe the LA Junglists brought to this show was massive, and I hear they bring these big vibez to every show!

Machete opened it up and I did get there about halfway through his set, the Respect boss played a bit of everything in the time I was there. Upbeat Jungle, deep rollers, bouncy DnB to perfectly set the mood and tone for the evening but the biggest thing I noticed when I walked in about 30min after the doors opened and into Machete's set...the venue was about a quarter full already!

VIOD at Respect

All the pics I have seen of the venue online made it look bigger to me, its not a small place but it is not huge either, I feel that is one of the reasons this venue with a VOID Sound System gives off the big vibez and clean as fuck sound that it does!

Degs steps up after Machete and frankly this guy killed his set. How he fuels off and fules the crowd is impressive. The place filled out right before he came on so it was PACKED!

If you missed Degs this time around for his Outlaw Tour, he will be back again at the end of 2024 so make sure you catch him cause this DJ/MC is really not to be missed. On my SoCal trip I saw him twice and both times the sets were different and filled with a bit of everything! He loves his deep rollers just as much as the Liquid he is known to produce.

Degs live at Respect

While I'm sitting there minding my own business I look over and I see another Drum and Bass Proper visitor, Evasive! He was out for some family stuff in California and made his stop to Respect as well!

Evasive and El Conquistador at Respect

Makoto live at Respect

So Makoto goes on after Degs and at this point you cant really move its jammed packed in there! The Mighty Makoto is no stranger to Respect over the years he has been coming out to the US and he didnt disappoint! Sure, he started off with that groovy, funky liquid but he had something up his sleve cause that didnt last long until he start dropping bombs in the way of these deep rollers, heavy DnB tracks and he even tossed some bangers! He goes from old school tracks to new and everything inbetween! Amazing set!

Overall, there is a reason why Machete and Respect have been around for 25yrs and this show was a brilliant example of that!

The LA Junglists were all VERY welcoming so if you are someone looking to take a trip, Respect on Thursdays in Hollywood is a trip that should be in your list! I will definitely be going back to LA and Respect again!


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