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Show Review: SD Union Day Dream feat. London Elektricity, Makoto and Degs

Updated: Apr 3

Show Review: SD Union Day Dream feat. London Elektricity, Makoto, and Degs...there is a lot to say here!

First off, the SD Union crew are stand-up folks who know how to throw a party! I arrived early to check out the local talent and when I showed up at 1ish there were like 40 people throughout the venue grooving along to Savage from the Contact Crew and followed by Desi from the Circuit System Crew and the crowd kept growing steady from there with no shits given about the rain!

From the moment I stepped foot into The Hole in the Wall the vibez were high and positive and it grew as the day moved forward!

Everyone was incredibly welcoming! If you are someone that likes to travel to raves or are afraid to rave alone, you will be 💯 fine at an SD Union party so get the fuck up and out there!! If you're a raver in an area where there isn't any, take a trip to San Diego and an SD Union party and it will be worth the experience.

Let's talk about some of these locals: DJs Badjer, Savage, Desi, Konkrete, Whys, Horge, and Garva alongside Chemistry MC and MC Subliminal! What I can tell you about these badass DJs and MCs is the talent in San Diego and LA is raw as fuck!! That's right, SD Union plays nice with crews in their city as well as other cities and it was a mix of San Diego and Los Angeles DJs and crews at Day Dream.

You can tell the DJs chosen were all veterans or this area's up-and-coming talent cause every last one of them was on their A-game! I could tell not all of them normally played Liquid, but with the selections, the mixing, the skill, and the energy that was represented, most wouldn't and couldn't tell! All of these folks are not to be missed and should be booked all over the West Coast and beyond! These guys knocked it out of the park and you want them in your city! My favorite if I had to pick one would be Desi.

The SD Union boss, Garva, killed his set! They opened up for the Hospital crew! One of them on the decks and other on the mic! These guys have been at it in SD for many years and should not be missed! The energy this combo brings to the stage is high and doesnt seem to end or cool off while they get the the crowd in the groove!

Garva in the mix

This party did not let up, thankfully the rain did but that didn't stop this scene one bit! People just kept coming in the rain or not!

Degs kicked it off for the Hospital crew and just got the crowd going! Not only did he bring that groovy funky liquid with his vocals but he dropped some really heavy tunes and out of this world blends.

El Conquistador and Degs
El Conquistador & DEGS

So at this point here in San Diego it will be the 3rd time I've seen Makoto on this tour. Every set has been different and this one was his bet yet! The engery and how HARD he came with this set was nothing short of fucking awesome! This crowd was cheering, singing along, and showing Makoto so much love during his set! San Diego has to be a special place for him after that showcase!

London Elektricity in the mix

At this point the place was so jam packed I didn't want to fight to get back up to the stage so I saw the one and only London Elektricity like everyone else! It was 22 years since he was last in San Diego and it was worth the wait. The man is an absolute beast behind the decks! I think one of the best I have seen. The soulfulness, the groove the dub plates, the vibe and energy that comes off this man is something to witness! Absolutely amazing and made the trip 💯 percent worth it!

Without a doubt, it was a great choice to come out to San Diego and see Degs, Makoto and London Elektricity live. The SD Union folks are amazing and if you are anywhere near San Diego you need to catch an SD Union show! All the people I met, like the Contact Crew, all of them are standup people!

I for one absolutely will be coming back to San Diego and coming back to another SD Union throwdown! It was Fan-fucking-tastic!

Cheers from San Diego, California

El Conquistador

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