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"Sun God" (Sola) Remixes From Boomslang Recordings!!!!!!!!!!

Out today on all major platforms (link below) from Boomslang Recordings and Sola here is a quick rundown of the "Sun God" remixes!!!!!!!!

Knoxz Definitely a USDNB up and coming heavy hitter in the studio and in the DJ booth delivers a hard hitting, grimy Nuerofunk remix with amazing attention to detail from the OG version this tune will raise the temperature on any dance floor.

Krispe a USDNB Producer / DJ brings his remix of Sun God with a variety of emotion from 4x4 beats to nasty Nuerofunk drops his vision will keep the club hopping.

Minor Flux a UK based producer has a progressive and edgy take on Sun God with Big fills , crisp snares and heavy bass lines Minor Flux puts it all out there with this tune.

UK based producer / DJ Replete has the most eclectic sounding remix of Sun God, filled with all kinds of sweeps, creeps, bleeps, tempo changes and so much more hit play and get ready for a ride!!!!

The Italian producer / DJ DJ FERRO highlights a brighter fun side with this dance floor moving, heart pumping, high energy remix of Sun God that will compliment any tune mixed into or out of it!!!!!!

ZIONOV ND a producer hailing from Latvia injects his heavy bass lines, twists and turns through the phrases on top of tempo / beat changes that fill this remix of Sun God and will make it stand out in any DJ set.

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