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I have been producing for around 4 years now. When I first started I had no idea everything that went into making a song. When we are at shows or festivals, and the music is playing making us feel a certain way. Little do people know just how many layers of sounds have to be built to create the music that we dance too, cry too, headbang too etc. I feel this craft is a form of art. Producers create a story with the songs they make. I know when I am going through something in my life it often inspires my music and can be heard in the mood of the song. Producers spend hours upon hours and days upon days creating music. I can't speak for all producer, but I myself sacrifice lots of social activities to create. I do this because I know how much music can impact someones life just as it has mine, and I want to touch people with the songs I create. Drum and Bass holds a special place in my heart so I waited years to start producing it, because it is one of the harder genres to produce, and I wanted to be skilled enough to do it justice. Next time you are out and hear a DJ play a dope set, just know how hard every producer worked to craft the songs and how hard the DJ worked to put the set together. We all share a love of music and I can't wait to create tracks that get played on big stages. Below is what a track looks like behind the scenes of what you hear. I find it pretty cool that something like this is the massive track you hear over loud speakers that makes you want more.

Suspense Scene

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