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Tune Review: Bedlam Axis by Audio out on Blackout Music

Bedlam Axis Cover art
Audio's Bedlam Axis out on Blackout

Audio has always been up there on the list of producers for me, I know surprise the Neurofunk guy loves Audio! I have been trying to not write about neuro tunes but I couldn't stop myself here with Bedlam Axis!

Coming in with this creepy horror movie vibe that builds so nicely with that creepy melody and how the drums sneak up on you and how he breaks them up to build this drop that you think is just going to come but no, he shows us his skill with this break down that just makes you want to get the fuck up and BOOM! This drop is high energy get the room fucking moving and grooving! Slows down and brings back the creepy melody it started with for a few bars before the bridge.

That 2nd drop...just go listen! This is one of those tracks you just let roll once you hit play and that is exactly what I plan to do when I drop this in one of my sets! Awesome track!

What are your thoughts on this banger out on Blackout Music?


El Conquistador

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