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Tune Review: Euphonique & Dazee present Welcome to the Jungle out on Jungle Cakes (Album Sampler)

Welcome to the Jungle Album Cover

It is no secret that one of my favorite producers over the past few years has been the Subwoofah boss, Euphonique! This time around she and Dazee, the Kool FM duo, come at us with this 7-track album sampler out on Jungle Cakes, Welcome to the Jungle!

I am not going into all 7 tracks...I am going to give you my top 3 and I want to know what your top 3 are after listening to this slamming Album Sampler!

So my top 3 are in no particular order...

I am going to start with "That's Criminal"! This one just rolls right into it. It starts with this aggressive melody/harmony of the track and right into a sped-up very old-school jungle voice with a high pitch and that drop is what's criminal! Fabulous! It has an old-school feel with big rolling bass and great change-ups of the drums. High energy from start to finish! The use throughout the track of that aggressive melody/harmony I mentioned was brilliant!

Dazee & Euphonique
Dazee (left) & Euphonique (right)

Next up is Dazee's Addicted 2 U. Great track that takes you on a trip all by itself. It starts with this very calming melody and soothing vocal and into these rolling drums. The drop comes very quickly but hits beautifully with this wobbly bassline that changes after a phrase or 2.

This track just rolled so nicely and the changes in how the baseline is used along with those drums and the use of the vocals throughout that give this track a VIBE!

It was tough picking 3, so I want to say that these ladies got down on a remix of Bam Bam that gives that track a new life!

The last track that I fell for was Skip De Du Dat and talk about a groovy fucking track! The piano and the use of the beatboxing voice to do that quick build-up into that rolling groovy bassline was raw! This track is in your face with that bassline and the use of the drums along with the beatboxing in the background...fuck off! This track grooves and vibes for days! Euphonique and Dazee completely floored me with Skip De Du Dat!

Euphonique and Dazee Kool FM

I cannot wait for the full album filled with the single and dual production of these two jungle powerhouses!

What were your favorite tracks of this 7-track album sampler?


El Conquistador

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