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Tune Review: Tom Finster's - The Hole out on Pilot

Tom Finster The Hole cover art
Tom Finster's The Hole cover art

So I'm cruising for tunes and I just let it play as I'm doing other things. All of sudden I heard the first few bars of this track and it sounded like a Disney intro that fades into these male vocals that are very soulful at its heart, it made me stop what I was cleaning!

Tom Finster in the mix
Tom Finster

Well, I keep listening to these vocals then all of a sudden the build-up to the drop starts and changes the mood of these vocals to something more upbeat, as this great build-up keeps going and gaining momentum it comes to its peak and finally drops into this epic elongated horn call type thing that wobbles and the flips to the bassline after a few bars at the start adds a nice bit of depth to the this track! I thought I had to do a tune review of The Hole!!

Who am I talking about...well, I never heard of Tom Finster or the label that goes by Pilot, but I am going to keep an eye out after hearing this release The Hole that came out on January 5th of 2024! I found it on Beatport!

Once you hit the bridge of the track you are back to that soulfulness and the vocals come back in. The build is different on the 2nd half so it is SUPER nice to see that and it drops back into that elongated horn with the bass, I feel the 2nd drop just hit a bit harder than the first drop and I am not mad about it!

Give this track a play and let me know your thoughts on it! Did that drop rub you the right way like it did me!?!

Happy Saturday night and stay warm,

El Conquistador

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