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Tune Review: Total Science - No Smoking (T>I Remix) out on CIA

Total Science No Smoking (T>I Remix) cover art

After all these years of being a Junglist, I have to say CIA is consistent with that konkrete DnB! This T>I Remix of Total Sciences' No Smoking is no exception.

The intro is this synth piano roll with quick vocal samples that roll into some hard-hitting drums that have that signature Total Science roll to them, it's bouncy but hard with the snap of the snare.

The drop comes in hard and fast with this break up of those piano intro rolls along the bassline was smooth and gave this track what appears to be big sub-bass. It has such a nice groove to it. That bassline is wobbly and bouncy and brings the groove of the drums together.

I want to hear this on a big system with that bouncy bass. I'm all about Total Science and this T>I Remix does not disappoint! Well done!

Go snag this one on their Bandcamp!


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