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Day 1 - Villainous recap

Another New Year in Denver brings one of the best parties of the year, Day One!!!

For those that are not in the know, this party is at Bar Standard in Denver from 7 am to midnight and they open up ALL 7 rooms in the joint so that means they had over 60+ DJs playing every genre there is; DnB, House (all types), Techno, HipHop, EDM, etc, etc! They have food trucks and people are usually in costume per the theme and it's a fucking blast!

GHoST in the mix
GHoST at Day 1

Let's talk about the Drum and Bass room!

I showed up at 1 pm and our very own S2PS was on the decks and smashing it up with some funky sounds! He was shaking the place with a variety of Liquid, rollers, and DnB! The set was smooth and fit the 1 pm time frame perfectly!

Reid Speed in the mix
Reid Speed at Day 1

Our GHoST was up at 3 pm and opening for the headliner! GHoST is a pro...but let me tell you he was so on fire they had to bring a fan out for him! His massively high energy set set the tone for the rest of the night! He was jumping around, the crowd was getting all hype with him through the set that was made up of bangers, neruofunk, Techstep, Jungle, and that deep rumbling DnB that he loves so much. An amazing set all around!

Now, the Lil Giant known as Reid Speed stepped up and packed that DnB room to the brim! She did the tour de DnB let me tell you...she dug deep! She was mixing new with old with classics with dubplates with Jungle with just slamming everyone out. It was a roller coaster ride in the best of ways! I love it when the Lil Giant, Reid Speed, rolls into Denver!

Reid Speed in the mix
Reid Speed in the Groove!

Evasive brought that energy to keep this 17-hour party going!! Jump-up, rollers, fog horns, and BIG ENERGY are what Evasive is known for and why people from coast to coast book him!

Arcade Room Bar Standard
Arcade Room at Day 1 (House Music)

Over all this Day 1 party was a great way to start 2024! I can't wait till 2025 when we do it again!


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