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After 20yrs the US gets a visit from the Hospital Records Bossman, London Elektricity for some DnB shows!

Tony Colman aka London Elektricity

Thats right!! You read that title correctly! It has been right about 20 years since the Hospital Records Bossman, London Elektricity, has graced our shores for US DnB shows! I for one am SUPER EXCITED for this one!! Their influence with music back in the 90s (remember it started as a duo, turned into a band-type thing, and then into solo DJing) was big on me and shaped my love for elektronic music back then. Remember, he is not only known for his drum and bass but also for electronica, breakbeats, liquid funk, and acid jazz. So a wide spectrum of electronic music to say the least.

To say why he has not come over in the last 20-ish years...well that would be a question for him to answer. I see this as another sign that US DnB is finally being let out of the backroom and onto the mainstage in clubs and at festivals across the country. We have seen a large increase in all different types/ages of people "fucking around, and finding out" when it comes to DnB in the States! With that said...who else is due for a visit in 2024 that we have not had? London Elektricity is a great way to start off having some OGs come over with the boom of DnB America is going to have moving forward.

As of the release of this write-up, there are two (2) shows; SD Union in San Deigo, CA, and Driven AM out in New York (tickets now on sale). SD Union announced this show on Monday 1/8, as of the evening of the 9th their show is already over 50% sold! Hence my comment above!

Are we going to see a small tour while he, Degs, and Makoto are here or are we just getting these two special shows? I did not want to take the chance to not see this show so I did buy a ticket for San Diego because they have Degs AND Makoto on their bill! So unless Denver gets a show, I'll make San Diego work for a couple of days! Are you going to make a trip of this special event...London Elektricity US DnB shows?!?!


El Conquistador

El Conquistador the DJ on DnBP

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