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Show Review: Amplitude & Reload Present Drum n Bass Ops - Dieselboy Live at Vinyl

Updated: Jan 25

Dieselboy at Vinyl flyer

So last night (Friday 1/19/24) was something special in the way of a crew that is growing and making moves in the right direction! Amplitude alongside Reload had a big Drum and Bass show not in Vinyl Basement but in the MAINROOM of Club Vinyl! This is a huge move that we are now seeing a full-blown DnB show on the main floor of one of the main clubs in Denver!!

The night started with our own Evasive! He came in and smashed in a way I have not seen him smash it up in a minute. Heavy and deep basslines came into play with the assault of all the different drums he was violating those speakers with! His high-energy choices that rolled out of the speakers set the tone for the rest of the night in the best of ways! Everyone was grooving right along with the stage energy Evasive always brings when he plays!

Ryan Vail steps up next for a 1.5-hour set! The Altitude Sickness boss comes out the gate swinging like the heavyweight we all know with his signature Neurofunk sounds! The big growling basslines he was throwing down along with these in-your-face neuro drums give us his unique style that shakes the floor! He does this special thing like taking hard and heavy DnB tunes like that Trantula bootleg or remix and rolls them with those neuro sounds he loves to create the tone for what is coming up after him!

The Destroyer, Dieselboy, after all these years still doesn't disappoint! He started it off with this metal-inspired intro that went into a more traditional DnB intro. it was a little odd to have two intros but he is one of the Godfathers of US DnB so you do you boo! It was a typical Dieselboy set in the sense that he just comes full force at you with the selections and how he mixes these tracks out for you! If you are new to drum and bass and you see Dieselboy on a flyer in your city...go, you will not be disappointed with the show you will get!

I look forward to what the Amplitude crew has in store for 2024 now that they have moved Bass music out of Vinyl Basement and onto the main floor for everyone to enjoy. I saw a wide range of folks there last night, many you can tell didn't know what they walked into...but they LIKED IT!! This was another bit of proof that DnB is finally getting the attention it has always deserved here in the US with Dieselboy Live at Vinyl.


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