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Show Review: Recon Presents DLR & MC Gusto Live at The Black Box

Recon DLR show flyer

Recon shows do not disappoint...ever! Thursday night was no exception with Recon Presents DLR & MC Gusto live at The Black Box! I was talking with some of the folks and some had a small concern about the turnout for a Thursday night but let me tell you...there was nothing to worry about as Denver came out for Recon and the Sofa Sound Bristol guys! The turnout was massive and so were the vibez from the crowd!

S2PS in the mix
S2PS in the mix!

Our very own S2PS stepped up first behind the decks and let me tell you he set the mood brilliantly for the evening! He had some deep and dark tracks that warmed up that badass sound system that The Black Box has. He had rollers, he had funky tracks, he had bangers, and he had mixes that made everyone in that room just get down and groove! This set showed why S2PS is one of Denver's main players!

S2PS and DiS_1
S2PS and DiS_1

Stepping up next is one of MY favorite Recon residents, DiS_1! His style has heavy hip-hop tones and feels to it. Not many throw down in the fashion that DiS_1 does. Groovy, funky mixes that take you on a very enjoyable ride through DnB. He came with a little bit of everything, there was even a few hip-hop tracks that mixed in perfectly with this DJ's unique style to roll back into that hard-hitting funky DnB!

DLR and MC Gusto came up to close it out. HOLY SUB-BASS!!! The set was just filled with it end to end. He was flexing those subs and let me tell you that it did not matter where in the room you were, the floor under your feet was rumbling and you felt it! The tracks were so heavy with sub-bass that it just shook everything! His set was upbeat the entire way through and the mixing to put things together was unreal. MC Gusto has bars for days let me tell you! The tone of his voice just went brilliantly alongside the tracks DLR was selecting!

DLR & MC Gusto
DLR & MC Gusto

Recon knows how to pick a great headliner and the locals to support them...this is a fact. I am really looking forward to what the Recon crew and The Black Box have for us in 2024. If you have not gone to a recon are missing out! If I'm not mistaken we have Benny Page coming in February as well as Paradox & SpinScott and that should pack the house so get your tickets for a great experience! Cheers to Recon, great job!


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